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Updated November 13, 2013


We are pleased that all our puppies are doing so well, growing splendidly and getting more and more active. It was de-worm and nail trim time this morning and every puppy we picked up I wanted to keep! One family came last weekend and chose their little boy and people are coming this weekend to choose their puppies. Once I know which ones have their permanent homes, I will update with names and would welcome any enquiries from anyone who would like more information about the available puppies. They are booked into the vet for December 6th, so will be available to leave after their vet check, first four-way shot and microchipping.

Updated October 12, 2013


We are so pleased to announce the safe arrival of Enya's second litter, four little girls and three little boys, born on October 10th. They all arrived safely and healthily and we were soon aware that Lisi, Enya's little girl from her first litter that we couldn't bring ourselves to let go, would really love to help her mother out in the whelping box!

Enya had had a big blanket in one area of her whelping box and when we went to check on her, she had managed to move her blanket out of the box to a spot she preferred, the first puppy had just arrived in the whelping box, and she was busy carrying it out to her chosen spot on the blanket! It didn't take long to persuade her that at this time, the whelping box minus the blanket was the spot that she should choose! - following which all puppies arrived safely and she quickly settled down to take care of them.

At the moment the colours are quite dark, but we noticed the colours lightened quite a bit fairly quickly in her previous litter. We will keep our pictures updated regularly and please contact us if you would like more information.



August 8, 2013



We are delighted to announce a breeding between Braegate's Enya and Sundog Hayden (Hadley). Enya was such a good mother with her last litter, one of whose puppies we kept, Lisi. We have also been very pleased to hear that her littermates have given their owners so much pleasure and we were fortunate enough to have a visit from Aspen three weeks ago when her family was en route from the coast to Alberta on vacation.




Updated December 7, 2012

We decided that Astor (call name Lisi) was such a loveable and smart little puppy that we would like to keep her ourselves.   She has fitted in very well with our other dogs and Enya is still an amazing mother, always going straight away to check her daughter out!


Updated Puppy Pictures

October 2, 2012

All of the puppies from Enya's litter have found their forever homes save for one! The little girl on the right whom we have named Astor. Her individual pictures follow the group photos. If you are interested in Astor please contact us.

From left to right:

Aspen, Ashes, Aaron, Axle and little girl waiting for her new home (Astor)









Birth Announcement

August 15, 2012


We are delighted to announce the safe arrival of Enya and Hadley's litter. There are five very healthy little puppies, two little boys and three little girls.

Enya is normally so full of energy, we did wonder how she would settle down to the much quieter life of being a new mother. She did very well! In fact she rested nicely for the two days before the puppies were born.

It is interesting to see that while the puppies with Enya all looked dark in colour, in the picture of just puppies, it's possible to see how the colour is already starting to change with some of the puppies.

We will update continuously with photographs.

Please let us know if you are interested in a puppy. Three have their forever homes already.



June 14, 2012


We are pleased to announce a breeding between our Eurasiers,
Sundog Hayden (call name Hadley) and Braegate's Enya. We anticipate the
arrival of Enya's puppies at the beginning of August.



May 31, 2011

We have finished all our Eurasier Enya's health checks and are pleased to report they all went well. Her hips are OFA 'Good', elbows and patellas 'Normal'. Re the test for possibility of carrying thyroid, the lab score for the least likely is 52 and Enya's score was 51, so that was very good news.

We will now be hoping to breed Enya on her next heat and will give details of this on our website when a breeding has occurred.


Introduction to the new breed on our farm

The Eurasier

eurasier dog Hadley


After many years of breeding Icelandic Sheepdogs, it was decided we would look at adding another breed for future breeding. After much research, we decided on the Eurasier. The history of the breed follows.

In 1960 Julius Wipfel, who lived in Weinham an der Bergstrasse, Germany, decided he would like to create a new breed of dog that would show the adaptability and the social behaviour of the dog's ancestor, the gray wolf. 

He was impressed with the characteristics of the Wolfspitz, one of the oldest breeds in Central Europe, so this is where he started. The Wolfspitz is a hardy dog, healthy, longlived, intelligent and a good family dog.

So which breed would he choose to breed with the Wolfspitz? Julies Wipfel was impressed with the work of Behavioural Scientiest Konrad Lorenz, particularly his achievements at crossing the Chow Chow with German Shepherds. The Chow was considered loyal and a reliable guardian of its home, so Wipfel bred his Wolfspitz female Bella and three of her daughters with three Chow Chow males. and so the Wolf-Chow was born. These breedings resulted in a medium sized, calm and even tempered dog, with attractive colours and calm under domesticity.

Charlotte Baldamus worked closely with Julius Wipfel in developing the qualities Wipfel was looking for, however, it became obvious that problems were arising due to inbreeding, so he decided to introduce a new bloodline and believed that the friendly nature and behaviour of the Samoyed would be the best choice. He then bought a male Samoyed, Cito von Pol, and raised him specifically for breeding.

Following breeding, Behavioural Scientists Konrad Lorenz and Eberhard Trumier, as well as Eric Zimen (author of the book Der Hund), all of whom had been following the progress of the new breed closely, acknowledged that the hoped for behavioural and appearance changes had been achieved with the addition of the Samoyed.

Julius Wipfel chose the name Eurasier to emphasize the fact that his dog breed originated from European and Asian breeds.


Our Eurasiers

Having decided the Eurasier would be a really interesting breed to become involved with, the search was on for a male puppy. It was quite a different experience to be looking for a puppy instead of receiving enquiries from people looking for Icelandic Sheepdog puppies!

We were very fortunate to come across Karla Erickson, who was co-owner of Bandit in San Diego, who was due to have a litter, which duly arrived on December 17, 2007. We were advised that there would be a little boy for us, and it was with great excitement and anticipation that Norm headed for YVR to pick up Sundog Hayden (call name Hadley).

Hadley settled in very well and was always surrounded by a number of dogs and various other animals! One advantage for a dog of living on a farm is that there is always a great deal of room for running. We don't have to schedule walks several times a day, which is a help to us also, as the dogs take it in turns to be free to run.

Pictures of Hadley are attached and we hope we will be able to plan a breeding for him in the future.

eurasier dog Hadley puppy


eurasier dog Hadley puppy face

eurasier dog Hadley



Our second search was for a female Eurasier and again we were very fortunate to come across Emily and Ian Robertson of Braegate Eurasiers, who actually had a litter and Enya had already been assigned to a couple with, I believe, not a great deal of exercise space, so it was decided that as Enya was a very energetic puppy, more space might be good!

This turned out to be the case as she runs like the wind, and has plenty of unrestricted space to do so. She also jumps extremely well and her favourite jump is from the end of the hay trailer to the top of large round bales when they're standing on their flat end! Enya also settled in very well and both dogs are very family oriented. They also love to play together, although Enya is sometimes the more enthusiastic about the games and occasionally Hadley tries to let her know that he's had enough!

We will be getting all Enya's health checks done this month, February. Cerf results are 'Normal'. Assuming everything is fine, we will be looking forward to a first litter from Enya some time this year.

eurasier dog Enya


eurasier dog Enya

Please check our Website to find out when this will happen!

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