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July 20, 2015

Icelandic Birth Announcement


About Pineridge Icelandics


An Icelandic Animal FarmAn Icelandic Animal FarmAn Icelandic Animal Farm


Pineridge Icelandics, breeders of Icelandic horses, Icelandic sheep and Icelandic sheepdogs, evolved from a long  affection for the English Moors ponies. It was while visiting the Interior of British Columbia that we thought we had found them again. Not so! We had found the Icelandic horse, and that was where our Icelandic journey started.    



Icelandic Sheep/Lamb

Icelandic Mare

Icelandic Sheepdogs



Icelandic Farm

At that time we lived at the Coast and had some horses and a donkey there, however, once our interest in Icelandic horses was established, a move to more space was required. So retirement came early and we moved up into the mountains at Chase Creek so that our Icelandic family would feel as close to home as possible, as we average six months of snow and cold weather every year, not quite as much wind though!


Our interest in Icelandic horses soon expanded to Icelandic sheepdogs and Icelandic sheep, and this opened a whole new and very interesting world to us. A visit to Iceland in 1998 fueled the fire for further expansion. 



Icelandic Horse Stallion

Icelandic Horse Foal


We  have continually been fascinated by the enormous color range of Icelandic horses, Icelandic dogs and Icelandic sheep.  Our focus with our horses is on color variety, while at the same time providing good riding horses with great characters.  Late in life, a study of genetics is now called for! While most dogs are tri-color, there is a predominant color and we have had everything from cream to black as a main color.

Icelandic Dog


Icelandic Dogs


Horses that are exported from Iceland retain the name of their place of birth as part of their name. It is also the tradition that Icelandic offspring born outside of Iceland, be given an Icelandic name. We have followed this tradition for our foals, lambs and puppies. We only hope we won't have to pronounce some of the names we have given!


Icelandic Horse

Icelandic Horses

Icelandic Horses


Another interesting item which applies to all Icelandic animals is that once they leave Iceland, they may never return. This is responsible for Iceland being able to keep its animal population close to being disease-free.

    We also have a small herd of Jersey cows and after several years, they have earned their spot in the Home Page!



Jersey Cow

Jersey Calf


Pineridge Icelandics

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