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 Our Icelandic Sheepdogs

You can view descriptions and images of our dogs and see images of our past litters after the breeding announcements.




Parents: Meyja fra Pineridge Icelandics – mother )
) birth date: June 26, 2015
Audur’s Hnerrir (call name Frosti) – father )

We are happy to announce the safe arrival of our latest litter of Icelandic Sheepdog puppies, two little boys and three little girls. They are all very healthy, eyes open, hearing good and starting to take notice of what is going on around them.

We have been breeding Icelandic Sheepdogs for eighteen years now and actually got a phone call from Arizona from the owner of one of the puppies from our first litter to say that he has reached the grand old age of eighteen. I think this is the greatest age any of our puppies have attained. It has been so gratifying that we’ve had several enquiries for a second puppy from people who had puppies from our first and second litters. Also such nice messages about the huge amount of pleasure people have had from their Icelandic companions.

We give a two year health guarantee with our puppies and they will be ready to go to their new homes towards the end of August, having had their vet check, CKC microchip implanted and their first four-way shot.

We would welcome enquiries.


I have to apologize for my delay in correspondence but I have been battling cancer for the last year and it has taken quite a little bit of my energy, which is normally at a pretty high level!

We have also had considerable problems with being able to send any pictures on our computer. It has visited the repair shop twice and am not keeping my fingers crossed that all will be well!

Many thanks. 

Icelandic Breeding Announcement!

We are very pleased to announce the first breeding for Tindra, who was born here, and Narri who came to us from Portugal. The litter should arrive in the third week of August but we are taking Tindra to the vet on August 1st for an ultrasound to confirm that puppies are on the way! We have had a disappointment with Meyja’s breeding, which didn’t take, and to wait until the last minute to try and decide whether there are puppies coming or just a bit overweight is too stressful for everyone!

Please check our website on August 2nd for the ultrasound result.





November 15, 2013

We are really enjoying Meyja's puppies and the families who were hoping for them to arrive last February are particularly excited! Meyja has been a very good mother and I'm sure she will be happy to pass on her motherly responsibilities to our new puppy owners. We are very pleased that all her puppies will be heading to their new homes at the end of November, one to Idaho, where one of our puppies went previously, one to Nova Scotia, which is a first for us, one to Toronto where the family came across the breed because friends of theirs have one of our dogs and finally one to Jasper to a family who have visited us several times to choose firstly the parents of their puppy and then their actual puppy. All lucky little dogs going to homes where they will be valued and loved so much.


Gletta produced four lovely little boys but it would have been quite splendid had she produced two little boys and two little girls. However, there are four families looking forward to December 4th when they head to the vet for their four-way shot, health check and microchipping. They are such sweet little guys and one is probably going to be a gymnast because when I went to check on them this morning, there were only three in their whelping box and I thought it was completely secure! These shocks are not a good way to start the day! Anyway he appeared quickly as breakfast was en route and I feel pretty sure there won't be any more escapes!

Two of these puppies are headed to Ontario, one to Coldstream, where we recently also dropped off a colt and an Icelandic ewe, so we are swelling the Icelandic population in that area, and the last little chap is going to Deep Cove. Once again all will be so lucky to have loving and caring homes.



We are happy to announce the safe arrival of Gletta's last litter - four little boys! All very healthy! It would have been really helpful had their been two little girls and two little boys, but it was not to be and nothing will equal the litter, many years ago when I had seven people on my waiting list for little girls and Lukka had seven little boys!! Initially I thought the count was a joke, but it wasn't!


Luckily n oone was planning to breed and as you may have read in past messages from me, there is virtually no difference in character, personality and affection with the Icelandics between males and females and all seven of the people/families waiting for Lukka's puppies were more than delighted with their little boys!

These little boys are a little smaller than Meyja's puppies, so it will be really interesting to see how quickly they gain weight. Please let me know if you would like more information and pictures about the little boys. Will keep up-to-date with current pictures.


We are delighted to announce that Meyja's anticipated litter of four puppies, two little boys and two little girls, duly arrived safely on the morning of October 1st! I did wait up most of the night before as nest making had been completed by suppertime, September 30th, and had I not been in attendance when Meyja had her first litter, one puppy arrived so quickly after the one before that she didn't notice it and it arrived completely contained in its amniotic sack! So I was anxious to ensure we didn't have a repeat performance!


Attached are pictures of the proud mamma and her little family, and some of the family by itself, with the two little boys on the left (facing the picture) and the two little boys on the right.

We are expecting the arrival of Gletta and Narri's litter any day now!




Updated August 8, 2013



We are delighted to announce breedings of both Meyja and Gletta, so are keeping our fingers crossed that we will have puppies at the end of September! We may have to move into the horse trailer and give the house over to the dogs!!



We also took Kolla, who was in heat, to the vet with Narri so that we could have Narri's semen checked on account of no puppies with the last Meyja breeding, but his semen was almost at 100%, so it seems unlikely that he was the problem. Also as a last resort, our vet, Dr. Out, A-Ied Kolla with one of our younger dogs Fjari, so you never know. After many years, maybe there will be a litter. We will have an ultrasound done in about a month to confirm one way or another. The suspense of just waiting is a little too much!

Please contact us if you would like to be put on our waiting list.


Updated May 5, 2013



It was a huge disappointment for everyone that the breeding between Meyja and Narri didn't take and we weren't able to celebrate the arrival of a litter of puppies in February. This is only the second time this has happened in sixteen years, so we've been very fortunate but it was a great disappointment for people waiting.

We will breed Meyja on her next heat, which will be some time in June, so will look forward confidently to a new litter about mid August. The last breeding failure was with Tryna, but everything was fine after that one hiccup. We will breed Meyja with Alfur, picture below, this time. That combination produced some lovely puppies for Meyja's first litter.

We kept one little boy, Fjari, from Meyja's first litter, to join our breeding program and he is developing into a lovely little dog, as you can see below.


We will also be breeding Gletta for her last litter and we will breed her with Narri. This will be her last litter and we expect her to come into heat a little sooner than Meyja, but not by much! Her last litter was born on August 2nd of 2012, so hopefully around that time the puppies will arrive.

We also kept a puppy from Gletta's last litter (Tindra - Icelandic for Twinkle, which is a very appropriate name for her!) to incorporate into our breeding program and she is also developing into a splendid looking little girl.



We will do one final try with Kolla and see if AI-ing works, otherwise very sadly she is a little girl where breeding was just not to be. I had great plans to breed her with Kolur, but it just didn't happen and Kolur is now in retirement!

Updated January 10, 2013



Meyja from Pineridge Icelandics and Ofeigur Narri fra Villiskogum

We are very pleased to announce our latest breeding, between Meyja (her
second litter) and Narri, who we were fortunate to get from Portugal
several years ago.

We are looking forward to the arrival of the litter approximately
Valentine's Day, with the puppies ready to leave for their new homes about
eight weeks later, having had their vet check and first series of shots.

Please contact us at if you are interested in a
puppy from this litter.

Updated December 7, 2012


Saefa is now happily settled in her new home in California, leaving the snow for the sun! Apparently has has such an affinity for water that her new owners have had to fence off their pond!


Updated Puppy Pictures October 2, 2012

Three of the puppies are now settled in their new homes in Tumbler Ridge, Coquitlam and Port Hardy. One more puppy is heading home to California at the weekend. One little girl, Tindra, is remaining here as part of our breeding program and Saefa, the last little girl, is still waiting for someone to choose her!






Updated Puppy Pictures September 11, 2012

We have one female puppy still looking for her forever home from Gletta and Narri's litter. If you are interested in learning more about this little girl please do not hesitate to contact us.




Updated Puppy Pictures August 3, 2012 Litter





Birth Announcement

August 3, 2012

We are delighted to announce the safe arrival of Gletta's litter of puppies - six healthy little boys and girls, three of each!

As usual Gletta is a very good mamma and Narri is a very proud father! Puppies are doing well and gaining weight nicely.

One always looks forward to about the two week time when eyes open - usually all on the same day. Day 17 is when they start to hear.

We have for ever homes for four of the puppies but please contact me, if you are interested in information about a puppy.






We are very pleased to announce a breeding between Pineidgice Gletta (born
here) and Ofeigur Narri fra Villiskogum (from Portugal). This will
probably be Gletta's last litter.

We are expecting the puppies to arrive approximately August 6th. Please
contact us if you would like to be put on our waiting list.

Health checks for both dogs are fine. We give a two year health
guarantee which covers any veterinary confirmed congenital defects or hip
dysplasia at age two.

We are looking forward with great anticipation to the arrival of this litter.





Updates Puppy Pictures!


We are pleased to announce that all puppies have gone to their forever homes!


Tryggur - a very lively little boy, who is looking for his forever home!




Leikur is a very sweet natured little puppy, boy, and is also looking for his forever home.




This is the little girl, Freyja, and she is sold.



Katar is sold.



Birth Announcement!

Pineridgeice Meyja and Tofra LjosAlfur


We are delighted to announce the safe arrival of four lovely little puppies, one little girl and three little boys, on Wednesday, January 18th, all quite early in the morning!


Meyja began tearing up paper for her nest the night before, so I stayed up until 3 a.m., when the nest building enthusiasm came to a halt! I was happy to head for bed at that point!

The next morning brought yet another cold weather problem. Even though plugged in, the tractor wouldn't start, so we spent a great deal of effort pushing a round bale to our horses in the top field! I think the arrival of the puppies was our reward shortly after the expenditure of this great effort!

We did think all puppies were spoken for, but the plans of two families on our waiting list have changed, so we would welcome enquiries from anyone who might be interested in one of the lovely little boys. I will just mention that the characters of this breed are just the same, whether male or female. I have always preferred females when looking for German Shepherds, but not with this breed. On one occasion we had seven people on our waiting list for little girls and Lukka had seven little boys! No one wanted to breed, so all were delighted with their little boys.


Breeding Announcement!

Meyja had her hips x-rayed and scored and I'm happy to say her hips are OFA Excellent.

We also had a successful breeding between her and Alfur, so are expecting our next litter in mid January.

Please let me know if you would like to be put on our waiting list.


Gletta and Nari's Puppies Update

All puppies from this litter are now settled happily in their new homes, with the exception of the little boy, Fjari, who is staying here to become one of our new breeding males. He is currently our very early alarm clock, as he doesn't like being woken up by the roosters, so makes sure he wakes everyone else up who might not have heard the roosters!

Once again we had a disappointing non-breeding with Kolur and Kolla."

Meyja will soon be going to her hip x-rays and OFA scoring, and will then be bred with Alfur on her next heat. 



Birth Announcement
May 3, 2011


Gletta and Narris are delighted to announce the safe arrival of four puppies, one little boy and three little girls. Gletta started making her nest early on May 2nd, so I waited up 'til 1 a.m., still nothing, checked again at 3, same result, got up at 5, still no puppies!

Finally around 10:30 I decided to start work outside and check regularly. Lo and behold, not long after and at first check, the first puppy had arrived. It was a long day for Gletta and finally at around 4, she settled down for a well earned rest with her little family. One puppy arrived breech and was born still in the sack, so lucky I was there and watching as Gletta was still busy with puppy #3.

Kolur/Kolla Breeding

Once again we have tried for a Kolur/Kolla breeding. For four days in a row (May 7 to 10) we had mounting from Kolur but no ties, so as occasionally a breeding will occur this way, we will keep our fingers crossed and 45 days from the last breeding, will take Kolla to the vet for an x-ray.



Gletta and Narri Breeding Announcement

We are pleased to report that Gletta and Narri have been bred and we anticipate Gletta's litter at the beginning of May. We will consult with our vet, but are thinking of getting an ultrasound to give us a little idea of how many puppies she might be carrying. It would be too soon yet for an x-ray and while we used to do this in the past, we were not happy about the idea of x-raying and the end result wasn't always accurate. Please check on our website re the ultrasound.



Upcoming Breeding Announcements!

Kolur/Kolla Planned Litter

Our next planned litter is between Kolur and Kolla (Tofra Kolbra Hektorsdottir). Kolla has managed to fool us for quite a long time, so we are letting her spend time with Kolur every other day! They really enjoy each other's company, so we have high hopes that we will soon be announcing a breeding has finally happened! Hopefully the first litter of 2011.




Ofeigur Narri fra Villiskogum/Pineridge Gletta
planned litter

Our second planned litter for 2011 is a breeding of Narri and Gletta. This will be a back-to-back breeding, which we rarely do, I think the last time was several years ago when Grimsnes' Rof had one puppy and we were interested to see if this was a forthcoming pattern. Gletta only had one puppy in her last litter and after careful thought, we have made the decision to breed her on her next heat.



Please check our website for news of breedings regarding these two upcoming litters.

Our little girl, Pineridge Meyja, a puppy which we kept from our final breeding of Grimsnes' Rof, (call name Raf), who came to us from Denmark, and Kolur, will be two years old in August, so assuming all health tests are satisfactory, we will plan her first breeding for her first heat after we receive her OFA scores. This breeding will be with Tofra Ljosalfur (call name Alfur), who came to us from Norway.

We are very happy to pass on news of the very successful rehoming of Raf to the family who also had a puppy from her last litter. It has been our experience that even older Icelandics settle very well to homes where they live in the house and become an active family member, which unfortunately cannot be the case with unspayed unneutered dogs in a breeding kennel.

We have rehomed several of our older dogs, usually to family members or friends, and have been really pleased to see that when they come back here to visit, they recognize us and where they used to live, know which were their own houses in our porch, and in the case where friends/family stay for several days are perfectly happy. However, when it is apparent that their new owners are packing up their vehicles to leave, in every case the dogs disappear into the departing car to make sure they're not left behind!



As we have had enquiries with regard to using Kolur as a stud and as he
isn't as young as he used to be! we had a semen analysis done last year
and the result was excellent. A lot of motility, as much as a young dog
so this was very good news for us as we are planning to breed him with
Tofra Kolbra Hektorsdottir for the first time this year.


Pineridge Icelandics Past Litters












Our Icelandic Sheepdogs

We have been so fortunate to have been able to own many beautiful and sweet natured Icelandic sheepdogs, with the little boys having every bit as affectionate a nature as the little girls. We seem to have an ever increasing number of dogs because, for various reasons, we keep most of them after their breeding days are over, but when we know someone or a family member who would love to have one of our breeding dogs, we are delighted to pass them on as they go to a home where they get much more individual attention than is possible when you have a large number of horses, also looking for attention, plus cows, sheep, donkeys, cats etc. 

Its been very interesting for us to see how, even though a dog can have lived here for up to seven years, it adjusts so well to a new home and the great increase in attention. Many friends and family come back to see or stay with us regularly and while the dogs are obviously pleased to be back here, go to their same house in the porch, when it's clear that the new owners are packing up their cars to leave, no sign of our dogs - they are happily settled in their new owners' car! So we are very pleased about that as it shows us how well they have adjusted to their new homes.


Our Male Icelandic Sheepdogs


icelandic dogs for sale

Eric was our introduction to the Icelandic Sheepdog breed. My husband had planned for him to be "an outside dog" but when we brought him home at age two, he had been used to sleeping on his previous owner's bed and made it quite apparent that he expected the same treatment here - and he did get it! He sired many of our early litters, therefore contributed in a major way to the happiness of many families.

icelandic dogs for sale

Sadly his hearing started to deteriorate first, followed by some signs of arthritis, although he still managed to get up on the bed! We tried various medications, a magnetic bed etc., but it finally came the time for him to leave us. He will always be sorely missed.

We will always appreciate the marvelous example he gave us of the Icelandic Sheepdog breed.


In 1998 I went to Iceland for the purpose of selecting a new breeding male Icelandic sheepdog. I had seen an article in the Eidfaxi Icelandic Horse magazine before I went showing some truly fine Icelandic horses (one in particular!), so contacted this farm and lo and behold, they were also expecting a litter of puppies! So Arbakki Icelandic Horse Farm is where I went and by the time I got there the puppies had been born and were three days old. Every puppy in the litter was a very dark charcoal grey - Kolur had a little white ruff and that was why I chose him, anticipating the biggest colour contrast. He is a marvellous example of the colour change that frequently happens from when a puppy is born until a few months later.

As his first flight here was cancelled, he was several months old before he finally arrived here and the colour transformation had already happened. Although still a puppy, he was very stoic and remained almost completely silent for at least a couple of months. This was a prime illustration of how behaviour is learned, i.e. barking! By the time he eventually left Iceland, it had been determined that he was one of the best looking male Icelandic sheepdogs for many years and the question was, how did I know that at three days old!

icelandic dogs for sale

Kolur has been the favourite of many family members and visitors here. As is typical, he is extremely affectionate, a very good breeding partner to our females and an enormous frisbee enthusiast. He made his liking for this pursuit quite clear when our grandchildren visited and played frisbee and he wanted to join in. His frisbee catching ability was sorely tested at the start as I was really bad at throwing it and had little idea where the frisbee was going, so between Kolur and my husband with the video camera, everyone's patience was sorely tested!! I'm much better at throwing it now, although recently Kolur did sit underneath a tree looking up for about five minutes waiting for the latest frisbee thrown to drop!!

My grandchildren and I are now taking Kolur for lessons in the show ring, so hopefully we might be able to put him in some shows. When I first tried with him, I held a piece of liver treat in front of him, but as he was so anxious to get to it, he walked on his hind legs beside me trying to get it and I didn't think that would go over well in the show ring, which is why we're taking lessons!



icelandic dogs for sale

Alfur arrived in Vancouver from Norway, where his breeder Monika Karlsdottir, had been living for a while (she is Icelandic and normally lives in Iceland). He had been shown as a puppy there, so arrived with a little treasure chest with his toys and rosettes that he had won in puppy classes. He could "take 5", "shake a paw" and "wave goodbye", so our grandchildren were enormously impressed. 

The difference in coat length between Eric, Kolur and Alfur is so great that they almost look like different breed of dog. Alfur is a small Icelandic, has a double curled tail, short coat lying flat and could almost be mistaken for a Jack Russell! Eric has a medium length coat and has a typical Spitz look, and Kolur a long haired upright coat and looks a little more like a Husky. Alfur has also sired a number of litters and passes on the remarkable trait that nearly all puppies sired by him are practically born with their ears pricked! If not it generally takes about three weeks for this to happen.

Affectionate again, Alfur can jump to a huge height. It's always been disappointing for us that, with the farm and living in an isolated spot, we've never been able to put him into agility because he would do well. Learned behaviour again - we had Grimsnes' Rof (Raf) in a run beside Alfur and she can now jump nearly as high!

icelandic dogs for sale


icelandic dogs for sale


Narri came to us from Portugal,  as his breeder had moved there and had taken her breeding Icelandic sheepdogs with her. When Narri's litter was born there were five little boys and virtually no-one in Portugal had heard of the breed. We saw his picture on the Internet and he looked such a beautiful little puppy that we thought he had to come here!


icelandic dogs for sale

Shortly before he was to leave Portugal, his breeder asked if we could possibly take one of his brothers as they were having difficulty finding homes for the puppies and Lufthansa would let them share a crate. To cut a long story short Kari also came, so it was nice company for them at the start and Kari eventually went to Alberta to the son of friends of ours who had one of our dogs some years before. This was probably very fortunate for both Kari and Narri as a new strain of Parvo appeared in Portugal and even though the puppies had had all their shots, the other three little brothers succumbed to it.

Narri  would do very well in agility! We are planning for him to sire his first litter this year and looking forward to seeing what puppies from Narri and Alfadis will look like. We are also hoping to use him for some herding as he has boundless energy and it would be a good idea to harness some of it.


Our Female Icelandic Sheepdogs

GRIMSNES' ROF (call name Raf)

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Raf arrived in Vancouver from Denmark in 2001 on the same weekend that Alfur arrived from Norway, so they were able to be good playmates for one another. Raf is predominantly black with a long coat but it lies flat, so her appearance with her long coat is much different from even one of our dogs with a medium but upright coat. She is slightly built, compared with some of our other females, and when bred with Kolur we've tended to have a mixture of puppy looks, some tubbier and more like Kolur and others small and slender with the Raf look.

Now retired from breeding and happily settled in a new home
with one of her puppies.

icelandic dogs for sale

icelandic dogs for sale

Pineridge Gletta 

icelandic dogs for sale

Gletta was a puppy we kept from our last breeding of Lukka with Alfur. Of course Gletta's ears were fully pricked by about four weeks old!

I had thought of showing Gletta, but so far her only keen interest in walking nicely is when she's following one of our cats! So a lot of work has to happen there. This same sister Vanadis has just had has first litter in Alberta and we are looking forward greatly to Gletta's first litter. Gletta is an excitable little dog, again highly athletic. Even though the boys are traditionally taller than the girls, some of our little girls are pretty fast.

She has started her breeding career and is a very good little mother. She is athletic like her father and loves meeting new people. She also loves playing outside with her father, and they both enjoy the snow, though Alfur gets chilly first!

Tofra Kolbra (Kolla) 

Kolla was born in Iceland on March 15, 2007 and arrived at our farm in July of that year. She is a very friendly and affectionate little dog and loves Kolur, who we plan to breed her to, except when she comes into estrus and then she snaps at him, and he, being the gentleman that he is, tends to back off. This has gone on for several years now but we do hope to have a successful breeding soon.

We might try using Narri but so many people are interested in a puppy from the Kolur/Kolla pairing, that we haven't deviated from this so far. Both dogs carry the chinchilla (wheaten) gene and it's a colour that we've really liked. Kolur's coat is long and upright, Kolla's is long and flat, and the offspring coats are also an interesting prospect.

Please keep checking our website to see if we have achieved success!


icelandic dogs for sale

icelandic dogs for sale

Pineridge Meyja

Meyja is a puppy we kept from our last breeding of Rof with Kolur and is a very sweet and active little girl. She will be two years old in August, when we will have her hips x-rayed and scored. Her CERF test was 'Normal'.

We plan to have her first breeding after we get her health check results and assuming they are fine, will breed her with Alfur.


Pineridge Alfadis

Alfadis was a very good little mother but is quite a small little dog, so we have decided not to breed her again and hope she will soon to go a one dog family where she will be a most important member of that family.


icelandic dogs for sale

Pineridge Icelandics

1049 Hepburn Rd

Chase, B.C. Canada V0E 1M1