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Pineridge Icelandics 

Our Icelandic Horses and Haflingers for Sale 2011


icelandic horses for sale


Kolla fra Pineridge Icelandics

Kolla is Sold!


Kolla (front horse in the picture) is sold and will be going to Alberta in the summer, to join Verena and one of
our other mares Tyra, who already lives with Verena. We are so happy that she is going to such a nice home.
We loved the picture Verena sent us when she was riding Tyra through the drive-through at Tim Horton's!

Kolla, filly born May 23rd by Vindstorna fra Fitjamyri and Fleygur fra Arbakka. She is black, very pretty with great conformation and will be available to go to a new home in the spring of 2012. She is very friendly and already enjoys having a halter on and any attention she can get. She will spend the winter with her mother, also with Krafla and her little filly Tira. It is so nice when the foals have each other to play with.



We would welcome any enquiries and would be happy to take a deposit if anyone wants to be sure to secure her.


Embla fra Efri-Laekjardal


Embla was born in Iceland in 1993. We imported her from Iceland as a trained mare and I rode her quite a bit when she first arrived. She was owned there by an elderly man who had never bred her. We bred her at Fitjamyri in 2007 with one of their silver dapple stallions in the 50/50 hope that we would get a silver dapple foal - not so! As you can see, a lovely little chestnut colt Leikur, with a blaze similar to his mother's, who will be heading to Alberta to his new home in a couple of weeks.

Embla has been a happy member of our herd of Icelandics. She is friendly, hasn't been ridden a great deal because I always seem to run out of riding time, but is pleased to be groomed, have the farrier visit and loads well!




Schasta Registered Haflinger


We are very happy that Schasta has gone to her new home in Vanderhoof. She will have several equine companions and will have a very happy and interesting life with her new owner Dyanne.

Schasta has gone to live in Vanderhoof with Dyanne, her husband and her other horses and donkey. She is
also very fortunate to have gone to such a good home. It is always a huge relief to know that your horses will
be very well looked after and have an interesting life.


Schasta was born on April 30, 2005, and her breeder was Nadine Minnear in Langley. Her sire was WardenKing CRH 523 and her dam was Schatzi (Can 1328) (USA 174587).

She is a very friendly mare and has lived happily with our herd of Icelandic horses and our other Haflinger Christa. She leads and loads easily and is very friendly with our farrier! She is 15 hands.

Unfortunately we do not have enough time to spend with her to allow her to reach her potential, so would like to find a home for her where this can happen.



Our Stallion

We have a stallion that is available for stud. He is available to breed purebred Icelandic mares only for a fee of $550.00 CDN. We have a live foal guarantee. To enquire about  Fleygur, (write up below) please contact us.


Fleygur Fra Arbakki

available to breed to purebred Icelandic Mares

icelandic stallion for stud

Colour: Bay pinto Born: 1996 Can. #: 1629 IS: 96186701

Sire: Kolfinnur 1203 fra Kviarholl Pattur 722 fra Kirkjubae Hylur 721 fra Kirkjubae 
Von 2791 fra Kirkjubae

Kolfinna 4758 fra Kroggolfsstadir Hordur 591 fra Kolkuos
Kolbrun 2059 fra Pringnesi

Dam: Sokka 8493 fra Arbakki Sokki 1060 fra Koljuos Hordur 591 fra Kolkuos
Kolka fra Kolkuos

Svartblesa fra Dyrfinnustadir Blakkur fra Sydri-Brekkur
Steingrana fra Dyrfinnustadir

Fleygur's arrival at Pineridge Icelandics was a very exciting event. We already had our stallion Sleipnir fra Arbakki here and Anders Hansen had told me that a filming crew had been to his farm and we should look out for it being shown on television. Lo and behold one night the phone went three times in two minutes and it was family and friends telling us that Anders Hansen's farm was on Knowledge Network. Indeed it was! - and there was the most magnificent horse continuously galloping across the screen and by the end of the program I knew my next move would be to check out the Arbakki Website! Sure enough it was Fleygur and he hadn't been sold yet. So arrangements started for his transportation to Canada, along with a silver dapple mare who was also coming from the north of Iceland.

Fleygur and Embla were transported here from Alberta and arrived on a gorgeous sunny day. I think they were both pleased to reach the end of their long travels and settled in very well. We've been very fortunate that all horses who have come here from Iceland have adjusted so nicely. Perhaps because we live way up in the mountains with dry atmosphere and very clean air, also lots of space for them to run.

icelandic stallion for stud

We always keep a mare with our stallions so the stallions are very even tempered and content. Fleygur has a very calm disposition and our farriers over the years have been most impressed with how easy our stallions are to deal with.

Fleygur has sired a number of foals and they have all inherited his easy going nature and natural tolt. He has produced pinto foals from solid coloured mares - it's always exciting to see what colours will arrive. His offspring have been easy to work with.

Fleygur fra Arbakka - International Breed Evaluation Vernon 2008

Judges: Mrs. Barbara Frische, Germany and Mrs. Silke Feuchthofen, Germany

We took Fleygur to Lisi Ohm's Vindsdalur Icelandic Horse Farm in Vanderhoof for training for the International Evaluation, which was held in Vernon on September 12th and 13th. We were very pleased with the progress Fleygur showed under Lisi's watchful eye and looked forward with great anticipation to the Evaluation.

Once again the weather was spectacular for the event which starts on the first day with conformation, and the first run under saddle is on the second day. There is also a second run under saddle, sometimes on the same day as the first, sometimes on the day after and it gives a horse an opportunity to improve his/her score if the previous showing was not up to usual for this horse. Fleygur's conformation score was 7.51, which we were pleased with and then came the 'Under saddle' test, which is such an exciting event. 

He really did look so fine!! He had scores of 8.5 in walk, 8 in canter and gallop and 7.5 in tolt because his tolt was a little slower than the judges would have liked to see, and we were delighted that he had a score of 8 for spirit! His overall score was 7.44. Of course it must be mentioned what a great job Tomas Orn Snorrason (Tommi) did in presenting him. Tommi is Lisi's son-in-law and had come from Iceland with her daughter Jelena to present some of the horses for this Evaluation.

For anyone interested in Icelandic horses, to attend such an event is a really educational experience and one at which you can learn a great deal.


icelandic horses for stud


icelandic horses for stud


Sleipnir Fra Arbakki

Sleipnir is SOLD!


We are delighted that our stallion Sleipnir has a gone to a new home in Alberta, where he is being co-owned by our friend Audur, who came to Canada from Iceland and who grew up in Reykir, surrounded by horses and remembers the first one she rode, who was her brother's horse MAsi, and who has two Icelandic mares at their farm in Coronation, and her friend Catherine. Catherine's grandfather owner and bred Icelandics many years ago in Alberta and Catherine took riding lessons from Robyn of the Icelandic Horse Farm, when they were also in Alberta. Catherine also grew up surrounded by Icelandic horses. 

It is therefore understandable how thrilled we are that Sleipnir has gone to such a great home. When you have had a horse for many years, of course you become attached, therefore it is so important to know that they are going somewhere where they will receive great care, love and attention.



Icelandic horses for sale

It is always a hard decision to decide to sell an Icelandic stallion who has given so many beautiful foals and been such a good and friendly horse, but as the years go by and the responsibility of having stallions is a little different from having mares and geldings, we decided we would like Sleipnir to go to another home where his many qualities can be enjoyed.

Sleipnir, black and white pinto, was born in Iceland in 1996 and I saw him there in the spring of 1998. He came to our farm in September of 1998 along with Krafla fra Neora-Seli. Krafla was in standing heat when she arrived, so she was the choice for Sleipnir's first companion and the following year Vindur was born! We have always kept a mare with our stallions and believe this has contributed in a considerable way to their calm and even temperaments, as they are always content. Sleipnir has sired many foals for us and is a very great horse whose presence has contributed a great deal to Pineridge Icelandics.

He is descended from the famous Icelandic stallion Hordur 591 fra Kolkuosi and has much of the famous Kolkuosi bloodlines in his pedigree, as shown below.

There is a video of Sleipnir showing his movements that can be seen at Fitjamyri  

Sleipnir is also available for stud to purebred Icelandic mares.

icelandic horses for sale






Sokki fra Kolkuosi


Melkorka fra Stokkholma

Hordur 591 fra Kolkuosi

Raudur 618 fra Kolkuosi

Kolka fra Kolkuosi

Stjarna fra Kirkjubae




Garpur fra Pineridge Icelandics


Garpur is Sold


icelandic horses for sale


Garpur, buckskin gelding, was born at our farm in 2003, parents Mugga fra Arbakki and Fleygur fra Arbakki. He was a very friendly little colt right from the start, and has kept this friendly nature.

He went to Fitjamyri Icelandic Horse Farm for training and they found him talented and commented that he learned very quickly. He has a very steady character, which makes him easy to handle.

icelandic horses for sale


icelandic horses for sale

Garpur is five gaited and he can be seen at walk and tolt on video the Fitjamyri Website , listed under the geldings.

Garpur is at our farm and we welcome any visitors who might like to see him and/or ride him.


Solvi fra Pineridge Icelandics 

Solvi is Sold!


Solvi has gone to his new home in Alberta, to Koralee and her family. She had visited him last summer, then the family returned to Alberta but came back a few weeks ago and left with Solvi! Koralee's parents are Icelandic and she has done a lot of riding, so she is perfect for him. Apparently he is very enamoured with her husband and follows him everywhere, also has settled in very well with their other horses.





icelandic horses for sale


Solvi, black and white pinto gelding, was born in 2000 at our farm, parents Mugga fra Arbakki and Sleipnir fra Arbakki. He had such a beautiful tail, I'd decided he could never leave our farm! However, that's not a good enough reason not to allow a horse to go to a home where he can reach his full potential with someone who has more time to ride him.


icelandic horses for sale

Initially he wasn't very tall but once he spent two or three summers at our friends' farm in Celista and benefitted so well from their rolling hills and great pasture, he had a growth spurt!

He was at Fitjamyri Icelandic Horse Farm at the end of last year and this for training and was easy to handle, confident, learned quickly and has a smooth tolt. This can be seen in a video under Geldings at Fitjamyri

Solvi is home at our farm for the winter and we would welcome visits from anyone who might be interested in seeing and/or riding him.


Ljufur and Olina fra Pineridge Icelandics

Ljufur and Olina are Sold!




Ljufur has gone happily to a great family in Mission. They have two daughters who have done a lot of riding and there are plans for Ljufur to do some jumping. We know he can do this as we watched him clear one of our fences with no problem!

Olina, chestnut filly from Stella and Fleygur, born September 3, 2009, has gone to the same family. She had been sharing a paddock with Ljufur  since the summer and they have co-existed very happily, so it was really great that they could leave together.






icelandic horses for sale



icelandic horses for sale


icelandic horses for sale

Ljufur was born on a lovely day in May, 2007, with Stella being the very attentive mother as usual. We couldn't have asked for a better mother, particularly since she was our first mare to have a foal and, as with everything else that is new, it was a time of great excitement and anxiety for us that everything would turn out alright.

After Mandel left for his new home, Ljufur joined the herd but tended to stay somewhat apart from it and didn't really bond with any of the other horses, so he was a logical choice to try as a companion for Somi, who cannot go out into any of our fields that border the road until he has been gelded. This was the right decision for both horses, as they bonded almost immediately and are very good friends.

Ljufur's black and white pinto body colouring is really interesting as he has lovely markings on his body on the off side and is completely black on the near side!

We will start doing groundwork with him next spring and expect his alert and co-operative nature to serve him well when his training begins. 

We have seen four gaits so far. My favourite time with the foals is when I go in to clean out their paddock and they always come over for a visit. It is a really good opportunity to get to know them without any pressure on them - the visit is their idea and it helps establish a good bond.

icelandic horses for sale




 Farandi and Leikur


Farandi and Leikur are sold


2008 was an exciting summer for us with two new foal arrivals. Both Krafla fra Nedra-Seli and Embla fra Efri-Laekjardal had been bred in 2006 for 2007 foals and neither of the breedings took, so it was really great that the 2007 breedings were successful.

Krafla's little boy arrived first, on May 16th, with still some snow around, but, as usual, she is a very good mother and took great care of her new little boy and was already in our nursery paddock when Farandi was born.

icelandic horses for sale

icelandic horses for sale

icelandic horses for sale


icelandic horses for sale

Embla, however, was out in a much bigger field when her big day arrived, June 9th, and as this was her first foal, she was enormously protective of him, even a marmot causing her some considerable concern! She didn't really want to share the nursery paddock with Krafla and established senior privileges right away!


icelandic horses for sale

icelandic horses for sale

The foals soon became close friends and it is always so nice for foals if there is more than one, so that they have companions and playmates. We always leave our foals with their mothers through the winter, so having a little friend is great for them as the mothers aren't keen on playing!

We did have confirmation from our vet that Mugga was in foal, but so far no foal has arrived, but there's still time, although it is getting a little late in the year for a new foal to appear.

We recently saw an extremely interesting DVD of some very good foals in Germany, with their good conformation features being pointed out. Having seen that, you look at your own foals/young horses in quite a different way as it seems many, though not all necessarily, of the good points continue on as the foals/yearlings grow.

It is a such a rewarding experience to watch your foals/yearlings grow and grow with them. Both Farandi (probably yellow dun) and Leikur (probably sorrel) will be available to go to new homes from the spring on, so please feel free to come and visit them any time.



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